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Policy on the Use and
Management of Personal Information

Rejection of Unauthorized Collection of Email

Unauthorized collection of email address is not allowed.

We refuse to collect unauthorized e-mail addresses posted on this website using e-mail collecting programs or other technical devices, please note that violation of this law will be penalized criminally by the Information and Communication Network Act.

Quality and Environmental Management

HOMESustainabilityQuality and Environmental Management

KEMCO will declare and actively implement our management policy for production and supply of products, while pursuing talent fostering, quality innovation, and customer satisfaction as well as prosperity of next generations and environmental conservation.

    1. We will establish and implement management objectives and plans for constant improvement of our management system and provide products required by our customers at right time, thereby bringing the customers happiness.
    1. We will continuously save energy and resources used or generated in all processes and promote the reduction of waste while increasing recycling, so as to conduct improvement activities to save the planet.
    1. We will fulfill regulation-related requirements and provisions, and to do so, we will share information on management system with stakeholders, thereby securing transparency of management activities.
    1. Our all affiliated persons including our executives and employees will understand this policy and sincerely fulfill duties, responsibilities, and authorities set by the management system, and will improve effectiveness and efficiency of the management system by checking it on a regular basis through management review.
    1. We will establish quality/environment objectives for each field, in accordance with management policy and make utmost effort to achieve the objectives (accomplishing sales target, securing raw materials, production yield rate, defective processes and product rates).
    1. We will disclose the information related to this policy as it is to the general public so as to maintain reliability for business management.