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Policy on the Use and
Management of Personal Information

Rejection of Unauthorized Collection of Email

Unauthorized collection of email address is not allowed.

We refuse to collect unauthorized e-mail addresses posted on this website using e-mail collecting programs or other technical devices, please note that violation of this law will be penalized criminally by the Information and Communication Network Act.

Ethics Management

HOMESustainabilityEthics Management

To provide products and services that satisfy the customer and value required by the customer through transparent and reliable corporate management, KEMCO has established ethical standards as follows, based on which all officers and employees at KEMCO determine desirable thoughts and behaviors.

  • Providing value for the customer

    We will provide outstanding and eco-friendly products and services and make a great contribution to the environment and society, thereby achieving customer satisfaction and making the customer proud of us.

  • Providing value for the employees

    We consider satisfying our employees as important as satisfying our customers, and they are polite to one another and not discriminated for unappropriated reasons including gender, religion, educational background, and regionalism.

  • Business and work in good faith

    We will conduct and deal with all jobs and tasks fairly and comply with applicable laws and regulations, and if there is conflict of interest between our company and us, we will make the company’s interest take precedence over personal interest.

  • Honor and dignity

    We will provide a fair opportunity to a person or entity that is or wishes to do transactions with us, but will not request or receive monetary or nonmonetary consideration of any kind that can jeopardize fairness.

  • Accomplishment of mission

    We will be well aware of authorities and responsibilities we have and make strenuous effort to match the value the company pursues, through relentless self-improvement.